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The truth is that the problems that colon hydrotherapy can deal with is quite staggering, way beyond what most people realise. The most obvious are the ailments directly connected to the stomach, intestines, and bowel:

* Constipation
* Diarrhoea
* Diverticulitis, colitis, spastic colon
* Enteritis
* Duodenal, gastric or stomach ulcers
* Stomach, intestinal and bowel cancers
* Candida, Chron's disease
* Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

There are many other conditions that are affected by the colon that people would not even associate with it, they can be as diverse as;

* Headaches, earaches, sinus problems, allergies
* Bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease
* Poor appetite, or food cravings
* Bloated stomach and wind
* Body odour
* Problems trying to lose weight
* Gallstones and gall bladder problems
* Heart disease and high blood pressure
* Haemorrhoids
* Indigestion
* Cancers elsewhere in the body, including the breast
* Osteoarthritis
* Mental and physical sluggishness
* Blood poisoning, poor circulation
* Bladder infections, frequent urination
* Prostate problems, menstrual problems
* Kidney or liver problems
* Ridged, dry or discoloured nails
* Puffy or dry eyes
* Eye problems including discoloured whites
* Baldness, alopecia, hair condition problems
* Acne, liver spots, psoriasis, seborrhoea
* Asthma, allergies or persistent colds
* Anxiety, depression
* Irritability, hypertension and insomnia

And finally ladies CELLULITIS!

This is only a small list of the possible effects of an unhealthy colon,and, although they can of course also have other causes, it seems almost beyond belief that so many potential problems can be caused by it.


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