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I have been involved in Colon Hydrotherapy since 2002, after 23 years in the beauty industry. Knowing just how the therapy changed my life I wanted to help other people to achieve Optimum Health.
I trained as a Colon Hydrotherapist in 2004 and now run Fairview Therapy Clinic in Gloucester where we specialise in Colon Hydrotherapy.
Over the years I have gained a wealth of knowledge on the colon and find that I am always learning something new myself.
Every day brings me great joy and satisfaction to know that I am contributing to this amazing therapy, when clients ring to say how much better they are feeling or email me to let me know how they are getting along with the treatment plan that we have worked on. I am committed to the belief that a healthy colon is the basis of a healthy body and that regular colonic treatments are an absolute must for anyone wanting to stay as healthy as possible.
I am available to" have a chat “to you about any fears or concerns that you may have about the therapy or if you would prefer to email me and ask any questions you may have. People say to me “I know this is a silly question but....". It is my belief that NO question is silly and if I don't have the answer I will endeavor to find it. By doing this I am also learning something new.



Being involved in Colonic Therapy since 1995, I have over 20 years experience of this wonderful therapy. Having trained in Therapeutic Massage, Clinical Iridology and Colonic Hydrotherapy I began to devote all of time to helping clients with bowel problems. Even after many years working in this field, I am still constantly amazed by the beneficial effects of these treatments.

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